Emsella Incontinence Treatment Reigate

Are you suffering from incontinence? 

Are you considering surgery?

Are you living with embarrassment and a limited lifestyle?



Suitable For Men & Women
Non Invasive & 100% Safe
No Need To Undress
Improves Bladder Control
95% Of Patients See Noticeable Results Quickly
Pain Free & No Downtime

Emsella What Is It? – The Treatment


Emsella Reigate is a non-invasive, pain-free therapy for pee incontinence treatment that has actually shown to be fairly effective in reducing the problem’s signs and symptoms.

Urinary incontinence impacts over 25 million Americans, therefore Emsella Reigate satisfies a really widespread demand.

Ladies with unnoticed incontinence experience a loss of confidence in 54% of situations, which emphasises the relevance of Emsella therapy.

how does it work?

Emsella Reigate system of action for urinary system incontinence

Emsella Reigate is a procedure that generates outcomes without the need of any type of drugs, intrusive techniques, or cuts.

The client is seated in a chair that produces a high-intensity concentrated electro-magnetic (HIFEM) wave throughout the process, which creates the pelvic floor muscles to acquire supramaximal.

This is comparable to Kegels, however Emsella is much more efficient as well as effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscular tissues than Kegels are.

A brief session creates hundreds of these supramaximal contractions; thirty minutes is the matching of carrying out over 10,000 Kegels!

Emsella Reigate boosts bladder control and lessens urinary incontinence by focusing on the pelvic flooring’s sickly muscular tissues.

While some people get impacts today, others benefit most from many sessions.

It has a 95% client satisfaction price, which suggests that nearly everyone who uses it reports boosted urinary system continence troubles.

Each patient’s called for number of Emsella therapies varies and also is based on a number of variables, including:

Treatment-related factors include: the condition being dealt with; its gravity; its complexity and also duration; as well as the patient’s desired results.

For most of people, it is suggested that they have a total amount of six sessions– two sessions per week for 3 weeks– to get the optimal end results. The specific variety of sessions needed to acquire the wanted outcomes can be established by a knowledgeable clinician as well as talked about at the initial appointment.

Emsella’s optimal applicants are:

– Those who experience any kind of sort of urinary incontinence, such as anxiety, urge, or combined urinary incontinence, and who wish to enhance their pelvic flooring muscular tissues
– Those that want to enhance their sex-related performance, especially when problems are brought on by damaged pelvic flooring muscle mass; – Those who do not wish to undergo intrusive operations to treat their incontinence;

Emsella is a procedure that creates outcomes without the requirement of any kind of drugs, intrusive strategies, or cuts.

The person is seated in a chair that creates a high-intensity concentrated electromagnetic (HIFEM) wave during the process, which creates the pelvic flooring muscular tissues to get supramaximally.

This approaches Kegels, nonetheless it is much more efficient and also successful in enhancing the pelvic floor muscular tissues than Kegels are.

A brief session of Emsella creates numerous these supramaximal contractions; half an hour is the equivalent of performing over 10,000 Kegels!

Emsella boosts bladder control and decreases urinary incontinence by concentrating on the pelvic flooring’s sickly muscles.

While some individuals obtain effects right away, others profit most from various sessions.

Emsella has a 95% consumer fulfillment rate, which indicates that almost everyone who uses it reports enhanced urinary continence issues.

With Emsella Reigate there is no recuperation time required, and the treatment is essentially pain-free.

Come in for your quick visit and also proceed with your day afterwards!

Male clients might have localized erythema or skin redness, localized muscular pain, short muscle spasm, quick joint or tendon pain, or any mix of these.

EMSELLA Reigate Benefits:

The Emsella therapy has countless advantages, consisting of:

It has numerous benefits over Kegels, including the following: 

  • No Downtime
  • No Recuperation Duration
  • Stays Clear Of Prospective Problems
  • No Need For Drugs Or Needles
  • Minimizes Urinary As Well As Faecal Urinary Incontinence
  • Enhances Pelvic Flooring Muscle Mass
  • Boosts Quality Of Life
  • Improves Sexual Experience