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Why Choose Cryopen Reigate?

How cryotherapy for age spots
works with Lipo Sculpt Reigate?

According to scientific research, Lipo sculpt cryotherapy eliminates the age spots through freezing using a liquid nitrogen solution which allows the darkened skin to peel away from the body.

Freezing with low temperature can destroy the cells that are similar to burning.

The damage on the skin cells can lead to blistering or redness of the treated area. As the sore heals, the skin lesion was eliminated and replaced with a new skin.

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Why customers get marks/ spots?

Age spots are black, grey or brown spots on the skin.

It is commonly caused by exposure to the sun. The age spots are also known as senile lentigo, liver spots, sun spots, as well as solar lentigines.

Age spots can be caused by extreme production of melanin or the skin pigment. Click here to find out more about us!

It can be developed due to sun exposure, skin ageing, and other types of UV or ultraviolet light exposure like tanning beds.

It can be developed in different parts of the body including your face, shoulders, back of the hands, upper back, as well as forearms.

FAQ  Reigate

Definitely, yes. The Lipo Sculpt Reigate cryotherapy is safe to apply on your face. Freezing age spots on face are very common nowadays, including the surrounding area of the eyes. The use of liquid on nitrogen for age spots removal is not a problem. Great precision tools are also utilized to make sure only the affected areas are hit, preventing healthy skin area.

The length of the process depends on the case of the client. As professional derma clinicians, we treat every single spot within a few seconds. The procedure can last for a few minutes up to one hour.

Lipo sculpt Reigate cryotherapy treatment has no pre-treatment instructions. The only prerequisite is to keep the area to be treated dry and clean. There is no need for sterile preparation.

You might experiance slight temporary pain during the freezing but it will be very managealbe.